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Essential experiences in Huelva | What places to visit?

Few Spanish tourist destinations are as focused on the sea as the city of Huelva. Its huge maritime appeal for civilisations such as the Romans or Greeks led it to be christened as the “Atlantic Door” and it was crucial in the subsequent colonisation of the American continent. Just a stone’s throw from Doñana National Park, Huelva is in a truly privileged location, with a vast range of cultural and leisure options. This makes it a very appealing place for people wanting to stay at a good hotel in the city to use as a base from which to explore the streets of this beautiful southern Spanish city and its surrounding area.

In the city of Huelva there are a number of interesting places to visit, such as Plaza de las Monjas or the Christopher Columbus monument, the La Merced Cathedral or such picturesque places as the La Rábida Friary, another must-see place for tourists wishing to uncover the charms of one of the most magical cities of Andalusia. Also highly recommended are visits to the near-by and surprising and red-hued Río Tinto mines, or the Marismas del Odiel natural park, guaranteed to make your visit to Huelva one of the most memorable and interesting, especially for those seeking an attractive destination full of history in southern Andalusia.